Artist Profile

Fractal Void

Photo: Chris Dohle


Fractal Void is a duo project from Düsseldorf. Their experimental music is a blend of electronic and contemporary compositions that combine to create emotional landscapes and futuristic ornamentation. Fractal Void morph field recordings into artificially organic signals, forming an auditory world that ranges from contemplative sensations to overgrown energetic polyrhythms and expansive deconstruction. The upcoming debut album "Elemental Collection" places field recordings of nature and inorganic sounds at the center of each track. During their live sets, Fractal Void create vertical reflections by processing sounds through software, and interacting with real instruments in each unique musical performance as in the Chinese art form Dishu.

The people behind Fractal Void:
Their musical journey began in 2008 when they won a Spectrasonics competition using field recordings of a spindoor as a bass synthesizer. Their collaboration continued as producers of the eight-piece electronic jazz project Mothers of Guru. Marcus Scheltinga is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to his studies of jazz trombone at the Conservatorium Hilversum and the Folkwanghochschule, he works as a musical director, adjudicator, lecturer and coach in 39 countries around the world. From ZDF sound design to live and studio performances with international greats, his own productions include Grammy winners Larry Carlton and Peter Erskine. A dedicated musician and composer, Marcus is a true storyteller inspired by the Middle East and India. BORGBORG is a music producer and DJ who explores various styles of electronic music, particularly bouncy, harsh techno and industrial, deconstructed hypnotic vibes and noisy drone soundscapes.


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