Artwork in Progress

Memory Empyre:
An Interactive Adventure


With the Memory Empyre project, an interactive, growing Gesamtkunstwerk is being developed. By integrating a wide variety of actors, it will change over time and take the form of a living body of work. The project is based on the novel of the same name by Berlin writer Erik Keil. The novel revolves around the connection between subject, society and architecture. In the course of the narrative, the protagonists encounter a built environment that turns out to be an all-consuming, technical tool - called "the apparatus". The idea of architecture as a means to the end of capitalist value creation is concretized in the text in a grotesque way and takes on the form of dystopian proliferations: In the course of the story, pictorial spaces emerge in which buildings become closed environments, the ornamentation of built structures develops a life of its own, ideologies congeal into rituals.

In the Memory Empyre project, the collective approach of exc is used to develop the structure of this digital Gesamtkunstwerk. The media of electronic sound design, the possibilities of 3D modeling and text production are to be pushed to their limits by the skills of the respective members. The end result is a 30-minute piece of video art.