Artwork in Progress

Nakagin Capsule Tower


Necrosis – Insomnia takes place in the cell wing of the former prison JVA Ulmer Höh’ in Düsseldorf Derendorf. In the course of the construction work, the partition walls were removed and the windows closed with wooden panels. The visitor enters the dark space and faces a full-size reconstruction of a dwelling capsule of the demolished architectural icon Nakagin Capsule Tower. It’s accessible and leads visitors from the dark exterior to the illuminated interior, from a cell into another cell and back again. The original interiour design featured a multimedia station positioned next to the bed. The television, normally used to look outside of our physical and / or mental space, in this case shows a high-contrast live broadcast, which seems to do the same. The camera is positioned in the dark exterior and points through the capsules iconic circular window, creating a picture wich reminds of the prision-door spyholes. The broadcast is transmitting ghostly silhouettes from outside superimposed on the opservers own. A record player on the desk of the capsule constantly amplifies a prepared vinyl loop of the record “Insomnia”, repeating the words “[...] I cant get no sleep [...]” inside over and over again. Another loudspeaker is positioned outside of the capsule, also playing the same loop. Here in a short and sudden interval, creating the illusion of someone opening the door.

Installation View

Photo: Kai Werner Schmidt